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Our Ingredients:

We're committed to the good of our bodies and the earth. Always 100% Chemical-Free.

No fillers. No synthetics. No parabens. No nanoparticles.

Every ingredient we select is to add health benefits to your skin and overall wellness. 


Long used by Native Americans for its multifunctional moisturizing properties, Jojoba Oil is super hydrating, topically nutritious, non-acnegenic, gentle and non-allergenic, which is one of the reasons it's so beneficial for sensitive skin types. Praise be plants! 

Anti-Aging  |  Vitamin Rich (E, B)  |  Antioxidant Rich

Found in: Protect


Known as the medicine plant, Aloe can be used to treat burns, infections and accelerate the body's natural healing process. Aloe Butter is derived from aloe vera and is wonderful skin softener - providing rapid hydration and moisture to dry or damaged areas. 

Anti-Inflammatory  |  Antibacterial  |  Antioxidant Rich

Found in: Restore


Lime Butter is derived from Lime Peel oil, which contains Limonene - a very effective free radical scavenger. Lime Peel Oil has the ability to relieve stress and anxiety through its aromatherapy action. Additionally, Lime Butter will stimulate the circulatory system. 

Anti-Inflammatory  |  Aromatherapeutic  |  Antioxidant Rich

Found in: Restore


Witch hazel is a plant native to North America and parts of Asia that has been used for centuries for its skin soothing properties. Its powerful antioxidant and astringent benefits are known to help speed healing, prevent signs of aging, and stop cellular damage. 

Anti-Aging  |  Non-Acnegenic  |  Antioxidant Rich

Found in: Restore


Wonderfully dynamic, Cucumber Seed Oil is highly moisturizing and protects the skin from free radicals. Its phytosterols (plant fats) help your skin strengthen its fat barrier, restoring moisture balance, improving skin elasticity, and boosting the immune system

Anti-Aging  |  Vitamin Rich (E)  |  Antibacterial

Found in: Restore


Rich in skin loving nutrients, vitamins as well as essential fatty acids, Red Raspberry Seed Oil is a terrific natural botanical thanks to its anti-inflammatory, mildly astringent, and toning benefits. It also possesses a natural SPF value, blocking UVA and UVB rays.

Anti-Inflammatory  |  Vitamin Rich (A, C, E)  |  Natural SPF

Found in: Protect, Restore


A delightfully healthy and easily absorbing oil, Watermelon Seed Oil replenishes dry and damaged skin. High in antioxidants such as lycopene, it works to prevent premature aging because it acts to retain moisture in the skin. It's an exceptionally emollient oil -infusing a silky glow to your face.

Anti-Aging  |  Antioxidant Rich  |  Antiseptic  

Found in: Restore


Produced from the microfine powder of ground Green Tea Leaves, Matcha has been used for thousands of years thanks to its high levels of Polyphenols, Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCg), and Xanthines - meaning it provides a lot of dynamic protection for the skin. One of the most effective topical treatments. 

Anti-Aging  |  Antioxidant Rich  |  Anti-Inflammatory  |  Anti-irritancy

Found in: Restore


Soft and smooth, Lavender Butter is derived from Lavender essential oil, which works to soothe dry or damaged skin. Boosting potent anti-inflammatory properties, Lavender Butter is also renowned for its aromatherapeutic benefits - calming and relieving stress and anxiety.

Antioxidant Rich  |  Anti-Inflammatory  |  Aromatherapeutic

Found in: Restore


Pressed from sesame seeds, Sesame Seed Oil is incredibly dynamic and multifunctional for your body and for your skin. Naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral, it's been used since Ancient Egypt to treat topical ailments, soften skin, reduce inflammation, and protect against UV rays. 

Anti-Inflammatory  |  Natural SPF  |  Antibacterial  |  Nutrient Rich (Zinc, Calcium)

Found in: Protect


Extracted from the shea nut, Shea Butter is native to West Africa and has been used in the region as cosmetic and therapeutic skin care for thousands of years. Ultra moisturizing, Shea Butter absorbs quickly into the skin and can heal burns, relieve muscle pain, and reduce stretch marks & scarring. 

Anti-Aging  |  Anti-Inflammatory  |  Pain Relieving

Found in: Protect


Native to Aztec culture & medicine, Vanilla is richly dynamic and very popular - for good reason. Its antioxidants fight off free radicals while its vitamins such as Niacin promote healthy skin & hair. Furthermore, its exotic and infectious scent is aromatherapeutic - offering calm and happiness. 

Antioxidant Rich  |  Vitamin Rich (B)  |  Aromatherapeutic

Found in: Protect


Craftily useful, Candelilla Wax comes from the Candelilla shrub and is an excellent plant-based substitute for beeswax. Nutrient rich, it's easily absorbed into skin and hair - creating an instant barrier to prevent moisture loss in both. 

Hypoallergenic  |  Vegan  |  Non-Irritant

Found in: Protect


Used since Ancient Egypt for topical relief, the Cannabis plant's unique set of cannabinoids (more 100 varieties), act directly and indirectly on our body's endocannabinoid system. Each compound (such as CBD in this case) offers multifunctional benefits.

Antioxidant Rich  |  Anti-Inflammatory  |  UV Protective (THC)  |  Non-Acnegenic (CBD)

Found in: ProtectRestore


Rich in nourishing natural fats, Coconut Oil is a real treat for skin and can improve its barrier functionality. Super hydrating, it also contains Vitamin E and can also help restore the skin’s natural PH levels. The results are in: smooth, healthy and happy. 

Antibacterial  |  Antioxidant Rich  |  Vitamin Rich (E)  |  Anti-Aging

Found in: Restore